The Barça coach broke a 16-year-old super talent from praise

Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde did not hide that 16-year-old Ansu Fati impressed him with his performance, but stressed that he should not be compared to Lionel Messi.

The teenager caused a furor with the Catalan team and last night shone with a goal and an assist in the victory over Valencia (5: 2), becoming the youngest player in the history of La Liga with such an achievement.

“What I liked most was the persistence in our game, the desire to score goals. This hid its risks and in some episodes we could be punished because we left a lot of free space, and Valencia has fast offensive players. We pressed constantly and especially in the second half. gave a result.

Fati is extremely concentrated and plays very well. It is not common for a player to score a goal with almost his first touch, to give a goal pass with the second, and to be close to a new goal with the third.

If he continues to work in the same way, he will be very useful for the team in the future. Although he made his debut at a very young age, Ansu managed to prove himself.

I don’t care about the comparisons between him and Messi. This can only hurt him. We do not want to create over-expectations around him, which will then burst like a bubble.

Carles Alenya was the starter in the first round. Then he didn’t play because the competition in the team was huge. Everyone will have their minutes on the field. We rely on Alenya, who has excellent qualities, “said Valverde.