Ansu Fati – the 16-year-old football star

Ansu Fati (Anssumane Fati Vieira) is only 16 years old but is already the phenomenon of Barcelona – he became the second youngest player to appear in Barcelona, the youngest goal scorer in the club’s history and the third youngest to score in La Liga. He became a star after the Catalans’ win over Real Madrid with 5:2 in the second round of La Liga. Now he is a professional football player and he plays as a left winger for Barcelona.

Barcelona midfielder Anssumane Fati made his team debut with a 5:2 win over Betis in the second leg of La Liga. He entered the game in the 78 minute. The Guinea-Bissau player made his debut at 16 years and 300 days, becoming the second youngest player in club history. The leading position is taken by defender Vicente Martinez, who played his first match for Barcelona at 16 years and 298 days in the distant 1941/1942 season.

Ansu was born in Bissau, Guinea in October 2002. When he is 6 years old he moves to Spain, where his father Bori lives. He is also a football player.

Ansu Fati family

His father, Bori Fati, is also born in Bissau, Guinea. He immigrates to Portugal and plays in some lower league teams. After that he finds out a city – Marinaleda – that offers work to immigrants just like him. He moves there and even comes to the point of begging for food, after which he becomes a driver and settles in Herrera.

His father says that he didn’t even know Ansu played football when he moved to Spain. Many people told Bori that his son was an extremely good football player, and Ansu himself every day asked him if he would take him to play football. Finally, his father takes him.

Ansu moves to Herrera, Spain where his older brother plays for Sevilla. In Spain, Ansu plays in Herrera and in Sevilla’s young teams. When he is 10 years old, he joins Barcelona’s La Masia academy, where his brother joined one year before him.

Despite being the latest gem to emerge from the Barcelona Academy, Ansu grew up in the city of Herrera, 120 km from Seville, and that’s where his amazing career began.

‘’I was supposed to go to work that night but when I got home, there were people outside my front door and they asked me ‘’Fati, do you know what you have here?’’ And I said that I had no idea. Then they said ‘’Bring Ansu to the football field tomorrow and you will see how he plays’’. When I went, I saw him moving on the pitch, he was just against everyone else’’, his father says.

Shortly after that, Pablo Blanco, director of the Sevilla FC Soccer Accademy, finds himself at the door of Ansu’s family, asking them to take Ansu and his older brother, Braima. Ansu signed with local club ‘’Herrera’’ in December 2009, then he becomes a ‘’Sevilla’’ player.

It doesn’t take long before he is noticed by huge teams like ‘’Real Madrid’’ and ‘’Barcelona’’.

‘‘Real Madrid‘‘ offered better conditions than ‘‘Barcelona‘‘, but Albert Puig, the coach at ‘’La Massia’’, came home. I told him we would think about it and negociate a contract, and he told me ‘’No, we have the contract right here right now’’. When ‘’Sevilla’’ found out, I met with their athletic director and he asked me how much money ‘’Barcelona’’ had offered so they can top up their offer, but it was too late’’, he says.

Ansu recently signed a contract with a € 100 million release clause. The 16-year-old boy was called by Ernesto Valverde after injuries of Messi, Suarez and Dembele.

Ansu received Spanish passport on September 20. Spain wants to take him to the world  championship for footballers under 17, which will be held in Brazil on October 26 and will continue until November 17. The problem is that ‘’El Clasico’’ is on October 27, and Valverde will want to rely on his young star.

‘‘El Clasico‘‘ is a dream come true for him. Spain may decide that they are not going to take him to the world championship for footballers under 17’’, his father says.

On September 17, Ansu played in the match against ‘‘Borussia Dortmund‘‘ and became Barcelona’s youngest debutant in the Champions League, surpassing Lionel Messi, who was 17 years and 331 days old.

Ansu has agreed with the club’s management to renew his contract for another 5 years. The 16-year-old became famous after scoring two goals and one assist in his first 3 games of La Liga. As a re-signing bonus, he will receive 700 000 euros and his salary will depend on whether he is part of the first or part of the second team.

If he remains part of ‘’La Masia’’, he is going to receive 300 000 euros for his first year, but if he joins the first team, his salary will jump to almost 1 million a season. For the first 3 years of the contact, his payment will raise by 250 000 euros per year. Because of Ansu, a new contract with the second team will be given to his brother, Brahima, who has now been transferred to Calahora.

Ansu Fati for sure has caused a lot of surprise for all football fans, as no one expected a 16-year-old boy to play in the top football teams of the world. Surely everyone expects that Ansu will continue to conquer the football peaks and will continue to surprise fans. Now everybody is waiting to see how far he is going to get and if he will beat any more football records.

What is Ansu Fati age?

Ansu is born on 31. October 2002, which means he is now still 16 years old.

How height is Ansu Fati?

He is 1.72 cm (5 ft 8 in)

What is Ansu Fati nationality?

Fati is born in Bissau-Guinea (Aftica), but he have moved to Spain, when he was only six years. Till now he has not represented any national team, but he have already received invitation from Spanish Federation.

For which team is playing Ansu Fati now?

Since 2012 Ansu is playing for FC Barcelona. He made his debut for the first team on 25/08/2019, which made him the second-youngest player to debut for the club.